Action today. Sustainable tomorrow.


As a house of down-to-earth and expert practitioners, we thrive in aligning positive impact and operational performance, by engaging and empowering employees to take active part in forging sustainable practices and operations.

Because we believe in the infinite potential that lies in people who actually do the work, we offer you to benefit from our decades long operational field experience and unleash the creativity and problem solving capacity that exist in every corner of your organisation.


Measure your impact, so you know your speed of travel

Disclosure and risk management

You can confide in us and let us produce your Sustainability Report and all associated non-financial disclosure: from assessing your ESG impact and profile, to accounting your Greenhouse Gas emissions (Scopes 1, 2 and 3), from defining your sustainability ambition, to setting your goals and targets.

We are certified for reporting based on the Global Reporting Initiative and the IFRS’s SASB standard.

We also help you identify and understand implications of all climate, social and other systemic risks your business may be facing and how to manage these risks.


Make people love your work

Impact and transformation

Your ambition and goals are set, now let’s get your organisation in motion!

We ensure that all your people are engaged in the right direction and contribute to your goals and targets, at their own levels. We can define, organise, and animate:

  • Leadership bootcamps, for your senior and executive managers to produce your sustainability vision and strategy
  • Collaborative workshops with your operational teams, to foster your employee engagement and advocacy
  • Roadmap planning sessions, to identify and orchestrate your most relevant initiatives, and have them objectivised with the most adequate indicators


The time is now, here is why, and how

Knowledge and empowerment

Because no sustainability challenge can be tackled without the right understanding of the context and wider stakes, we offer your people a series of lectures which will help them build the mindset required to get to grips with your desired transformation and do the right thing from the start!

Our training modules cover sustainability concepts at large, from a historical standpoint and a science based prospective view, to more specific, operational, or sectorial angles


A unique approach, for unprecedented results

We believe in reusing and repurposing, so instead of inventing new concepts, we have created our a unique blend of proven or recognised components:

  • A Theoretical Model, inspired by our research study led with and at the University of Cambridge
  • Change Management theories or methodologies, used for decades in all industries (Lean, Design Thinking and various project management frameworks)
  • Sustainability Frameworks such as GRI, SASB, IR or SDGs

Our story

We align positive impact and operational performance, by empowering employees and leaders to forge sustainable practices and operations.

Based on our academic research, we combine the most proven change management methodologies with standard sustainability frameworks, to deliver the most adequate sustainable transformation your organisation needs.

Violet Hill & Co was founded on the idea that making things better and making things more sustainable – is actually the same; that most of sustainability challenges can be addressed and solved by repurposing existing technologies and practices; and that people who manage and operate businesses are actually those who can find the most relevant answers to these challenges.

Chance favours the best prepared. Change is no different. The sooner you transform for tomorrows economy, the better chance you have to harvest the opportunities it brings. You’ll do it not only for you, but for the generations to come.