About Us

We saw an opportunity to make things better

To start Violet Hill & Co was then a logical, natural step for us: what else could come up as more meaningful than creating positive change and making it spread as far as possible?

Violet Hill & Co was founded on the idea that making things better and making things more sustainable – is actually the same; that most of sustainability challenges can be addressed and solved by repurposing existing technologies and practices; and that people who manage and operate businesses are actually those who can find the most relevant answers to these challenges.

Then, we get our act together to make it happen

We first apply it to ourselves and tap into decades of proven experience and countless positive achievements generated by Lean/Kaizen or Design Thinking, but also Agile or Jugaad. Violet Hill & Co produces a carefully curated set of tools, processes and best practices, used in a science driven, factual methodology, to lead sustainable development and transformation; all of it in line with most standard sustainability frameworks.

What you should also know about us, is that we don’t do paper products; instead, we can say with confidence that working with us will help you walk the talk and enable the heroes in your organisation take concrete action, and make your transformation materially happen from Day-1.