Vision and Mission

The future we envision and how to get there

The urgency is there for us all to see

After more than ten thousand years of remarkable stability, our planet’s climate is changing fast, as the loudest resonance of the 10 plagues of our time: global warming, biodiversity loss, massive deforestation, soil erosion, freshwater pollution, ocean acidification, plastic waste, air pollution, modern slavery, extreme poverty. All these unfolding catastrophes can only amplify and accelerate if we don’t start to change, now.

Who can fix it, but you and me?

People play a major role in these dramatic changes, and it is our collective responsibility to try to fix it. We need to change how we do business, and we need to make it happen now and at the scale it requires, across all industries. And for that, a contribution of everyone is needed.

We will not always have Paris – we need to act

The vision embodied in Violet Hill & Co comes as a response to enable the pledges made with the 2015 Paris Agreement: make the 2030 target not only achievable, but also desirable, by creating a positive spirit in private and public organisations, where delivering products and services goes hand in hand with doing good for the planet and people.

Empower your brains to innovate solutions

To make this vision concrete, our mission is to guide organisations in their sustainable transformation. Empowering their people and creating the conditions for an effective and durable change, through learning and innovation. All based on a factual and measurable delivery approach.